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adele-bio-pic Adele Worobey has been interested in yoga and spiritual exploration since a young age. Her interest has lead her to many styles and teachers of yoga, meditation and spiritual thought. In recent years, her yoga practice has brought great change in her life, inspiring her to share her experience with others. She completed the teacher’s training program at MokSana in the spring of 2005 and finds the honour of sharing the benefits of yoga with others a natural complement to practice as a counselor and her love of the outdoors.


ann-kathrinAnn-Kathrin Martins has been part of the MokSana community since her move to Victoria in 2006 from Europe. Having started her in-depth study into yoga after the birth of her son, she began her teacher training in England which was continued at MokSana. Since then she has been teaching and continuously delving deeper into her studies through workshops, seminars and continued teacher trainings. She has practiced and teaches a variety of yoga classes from prenatal to power flow, as well as Hatha. Over the past three years she has traveled annually to India to study with her teacher Mr. Venkatesha at Atma Vikasa Center of Yogic Sciences, having most recently returned from a 6-month study period in India for both Yoga Therapy as well as self-practice advancement. Ann-Kathrin also has a Masters Degree in Fine and Applied Arts, and works as an artist and art teacher for all ages. Believing that the greatest work of art is the life we lead, she feels one of the surest ways to create the life you want is through the art of yoga. Her husband and her share their daily lives with their three children, a cat, a garden, sunshine and occasional showers! All supported by a daily yoga practice!

ashleigh-headshot-resized-for-websiteAshleigh Forde began practicing yoga to become strong and flexible, but soon became fascinated by the ancient practice. Ashleigh is originally from Australia and feels incredibly lucky to now live in beautiful Victoria! She completed her 250 hour teacher training as well as her pre- and post-natal teacher training at MokSana Yoga Center. She feels fortunate enough to have studied with some incredible teachers, including Ashtanga Yoga Master David Swenson, Swami Maheshananda Saraswati and most recenlty taking part in yogahour® teacher training with Darren Rhodes.


carrie-headshotCarrie Watkins works with yoga to encourage students to cultivate a deeper awareness of possibility through building strength and balance. She loves working with vinyasa flow sequences to deepen connection with the present moment through focus and breath. Carrie has completed several yoga teacher training programs including Sivanada Teacher Training in Kerala India and Ashtanga Vinyasa training with the Yoga Sanctuary in Toronto. Carrie holds faculty positions at the Pacific Rim College in the Yoga Therapy Program where she teaches anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology as well as nutrition courses with the Holistic Nutrition program. In addition to working with yoga, Dr Carrie is an experienced and licensed Naturopathic Physician offering holistic medicine in downtown Victoria.

chantelle-headshotChantelle Shah-Poulin began her journey on the yogic path over ten years ago. Since then her love for the practice led her to the MokSana Yoga Studio. Here she obtained her 250-hour teacher training certificate for hatha and vinyasa yoga in spring of 2010. In winter of 2011 her experience inspired her travels to Nosara, a small surf town in Costa Rica, where she acquired her 100-hour yoga dance teacher training certificate. Chantelle continues to practice with teachers Ann-Kathrin Martins and Michelle Rubin, who have greatly influenced her life and teachings. Through her passion and continuous study she has learned the art of opening, healing, meditation, breath, movement and self inquiry. These key components are then shared through her teachings, where in turn her students can experience their own self inquiry and yogic light within.

biopic_clareClare Mullen began her yogic journey twelve years ago in the city of Toronto. She completed her Teacher Training at Moksana Yoga Centre in the winter of 2003 and has been teaching at the studio ever since. She continues to study and practise various aspects of yoga and meditation, including Vipassana. Her passion for teaching is rooted in her wonder at yoga’s ability to heal, nourish and inform our lives. She is inspired by her travels throughout Africa, Central America and Canada and draws on her B.A. in philosophy and a B. Ed in Elementary Education to further understand and celebrate life in general.


crista-resized-bio-pic Crista Shillington loves yoga! She loves the peace and happiness that it brings her, and loves helping others to similarly discover the healing and empowering effects of yoga. She has found that yoga addresses all aspects of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being, and that acceptance and confidence on the mat reflect into daily life. Crista holds a B.A. in Psychology, and has taken additional training in Counseling and Social Work. She has been studying yoga for over a decade, and teaching yoga for 9 years. She has completed numerous Teacher Trainings: 5 Elements Vinyasa with Janet Stone, Vinyasa with Clara Roberts-Oss, Prenatal with Teresa Campbell, Foundation and Advanced Hatha Teacher Training, Silent Meditation, and Advanced Pranayama. She is Yoga Alliance certified RYT 500 and E-RYT 200, and has been a member of the Semperviva Yoga Teacher Training faculty. She loves to see students learn, sweat, de-stress, and have fun! She encourages students to be playful and open. Her classes are always creative, working toward peak poses, and include a theme in practice. She feels that yoga should be a balance between challenging oneself to grow and learn, and gently respecting one’s daily limits. She believes that every person has the ability to discover the wisdom and compassion of their own inner teacher. Come and play!

crystal-bio-picCrystal Star has been teaching at Moksana since since her graduation in 2003 (ERYT-200, RPYT) and has been practicing since 1998. Amazing teachers and styles including Iyengar, Chakra, Hatha, Ashtanga and Kundalini have influenced her. In 2006 she was invited to teach Prenatal yoga and has since found her passion! She Loves supporting women through pregnancy, has taught “mommy and baby” yoga as well as post-natal and workshops for expectant couples. Her mission is to enhance the creation of conscious families. Crystal is well connected to the birthing community of Victoria and has taken two separate Prenatal Certifications as well as Studying with Midwives, L&D Physicians, Doulas, Physiotherapists and other Birth Support Professionals. This combined with her knowledge as a currently practicing RN, informs her way of teaching. Crystal practiced yoga through both of her own pregnancies/births (2000,2009) and sees that yoga can only be a benefit in each pregnancy and birth. Crystal’s teaching style is guided by her experiences, education and sincere love of people, she creates a warm and sacred space for others to discover the transformational power of yoga. Crystal is also a Certified Counselor as well as having specialty training in Kundalini Yoga.

fab-bio-picFab Alberico’s teaching practice grew naturally out of his commitment to his own journey, which is guided by a curiosity about what health, wholeness and community really mean. Through Yoga, he has been able to create a space in his own life where insights can manifest themselves, encouraging a more global, joyous and compassionate concept of himself and others. In his classes, the physical postures are always in service of a more expansive journey through the mental, emotional, and spiritual body-being. Inspiring quotes, poetry and music are woven into classes in a way that directs focus inward, encouraging discovery of that calm abiding space where negative patterns can dissolve over time, releasing tension and restoring mobility of the body, mind, and spirit. In addition to his first teacher training at Moksana, he has studied Yoga Therapy at Pacific Rim College, and continues to build healing relationships with private and group clients. He is also a dedicated Bhakti Yogi, leading regular Kirtans and incorporating ancient and modern live music and instrumentation into many of his classes.

ida-headshot-resized-for-website Ida Manly started practicing in 1996 and completed her 250-hr teacher training at MokSana Yoga Centre in the summer of 2006. She completed her 500-hr teacher training at the Kripalu Center in 2008/2009 and completed the Anusara teacher training immersions in 2009/2010 with Darren Rhodes and Christina Sell. She is registered with Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT500. Her teaching is influenced by her Anusara training and includes careful attention to alignment in order to create a practice that is sustainable and injury-free for a lifetime. Along with this is a passion for the benefits of yoga that go beyond the physical with influences in this area from her teachers Sama Fabian and Swami Maheshananda Saraswati. Ida is owner and director of the studio.


jenn-piercy-headshot-with-frameJennifer Piercy, E-RYT500, invites students to explore patterns in the mindbody system from a place of curiosity and wonder. Creating a supportive atmosphere, her teaching encourages the student to connect with and express their concurrent uniqueness/oneness – through awareness, breath, movement, and stillness. Each class is infused with poetry, inspired readings, and the opportunity to welcome all aspects of one’s being. Jennifer began practicing Yoga in 2001 and found herself immediately fascinated by the interplay between ‘sthira’ (steadiness, effort) and ‘sukha’ (ease, softness) as they unfolded on her mat, and simultaneously her life ‘beyond the mat’. She was drawn to her first teacher training at Moksana in 2004. Since then she has been blessed to have undertaken advanced training with wonderful teachers such as Donna Farhi, Erich Schiffman, Richard Miller, Angela Farmer, and Sama Fabian. Jennifer is also a volunteer counsellor and finds the principles of Yoga naturally coalesce into her interest in transpersonal and eco-psychology.

jonathanboydheadshotJonathan Boyd began practicing yoga in 2005 with an initial desire to increase his flexibility and find peace of mind. After a severe shoulder injury, yoga became a catalyst for transformation on a physical and spiritual level. His classes are light-hearted, refined and unique. It is his goal to inspire, empower and encourage students to reach their full potential and become their most authentic self. His practice and teachings are influenced by the life-affirming philosophy and precise alignment of Anusara yoga. Jonathan continues to study with amazing teachers: Chris Chavez, Robin Golt, Christine Price Clark and Noah Maze.



melissaMelissa McLeod began her yoga journey as a student at MokSana in 2002. As a personal trainer, Melissa found that yoga complimented her strength training work. In 2005, Melissa realized that her love for yoga and passion for teaching could be combined and she enrolled in the teacher training program at MokSana. She encourages her students to slow down and listen to their bodies during their practice. She loves helping people discover what they are capable of, and how their body loves to move! Melissa specializes in teaching students how to engage their core correctly, using their deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles. She studies with Jules Payne and is influenced by her other teachers, Jennifer Piercy and Misha Butot. Melissa is honored to share the practice of yoga.

biopic_micheleMichèle (Misha) Butot, RCSW, E-RYT 500, is a registered clinical social worker, with over twenty years experience, specializing in women’s mental health and palliative are. Misha began teaching yoga in 1998, subsequently receiving advanced training in yoga nidra. Her practice is influenced by classical yoga, Advaita and Kashmir Shaivism, and has as its primary goal an embodied recognition of the inherent wholeness and spaciousness of our True Nature. Misha’s teaching interests include yoga philosophy, psychology & ethics; restorative & back health; nondual meditation & yoga nidra; and meeting pain, dying & death from a yogic perspective.

norman_work-bio-pic-with-frameNorman Carter-Sim believes that Yoga is a methodology leading to fullness of Being. Consistent with that notion he believes that the – postures, breath, concentration and meditation – to be important parts of every class. He thinks that Yoga should move individuals toward a deeper sense of themselves. Norman is certified by the Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT500 level. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and currently works as a Registered Nurse in a hospital emergency department. Prior to nursing Norman worked as a Scientific Programmer/Analyst for the federal government; before that he practiced and taught Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) . Before TCM Norman soldiered with Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. He only seems serious.

oceanOcean Lum started practicing yoga 18 years ago. She began to practise earnestly in 1996 and has been teaching yoga since 2001. Although Ocean appreciates all styles of yoga, she is especially keen about Anusara, Kundalini, and Laughter Yoga. What she loves most about yoga (aside from everything) is its innate psycho-spiritual dimension. She has been practising Tibetan Buddhism since 2001 and finds it the most compelling model of reality rooted in compassion and wisdom. Ocean aspires to connact and teach from her own wellspring of inspiration. She hopes to inspire others to connect to their own source of wisdom and joy. At its highest level, her classes become an offering to the divine within and the divine without. Namaste.

<KENOX S630  / Samsung S630>Pam Nicholls teaches a variety of yoga styles all celebrating breath, fluidity and the recognition of the true self. Her yoga influences include travel to Bali for spirituality, fun with her children for heart-opening, and gardening for mindfulness. She works as a medical doctor and recognizes the healing power of love. She has been inspired by Tiffany Loney, Ana Forrest, Nischala Joy Devi and Sarah Powers.



robert-smith_0 Robert Smith began the journey into a yoga practice about 5 years ago and it has provided him the opportunity to discover inner peace, balance and self awareness as well as recovery from running injuries and strengthening his external well being. Robert guides classes so one is able to find the movement from within (the pose fits you not you fitting the pose), seeking your own fundamental nature, and balancing the many conflicting aspects of yin and yang. He has traveled to India, seeking knowledge of yoga’s origin and history and comparing the way their and our society approaches the practice, the unique ways and subtle differences that exist between the two. The styles of yoga that have influenced his yoga practice are Yin, Restorative, Sivananada (Hatha) and Akhanda. His teachers include Bernie Clark, Wendy Eyton, Elizabeth Peckham, Padma Nair and Vishvi Ji.

tersia2010Tersia Fagan is an advocate for healthy lifestyle choices, and encourages stillness, mindfulness, and self-acceptance, as a means to foster harmony and balance on the mat, and off the mat. Tersia draws upon the wisdom of the chakras (7 levels of awareness) to guide you through the experience of Yoga. Practicing with Tersia is an experience that will strengthen your body, still your mind, and warm your heart, as she guides your practice with awareness and presence. Tersia completed the teacher’s training program here at Moksana in 2005. Her classes are based on Hatha yoga, with influences from both Kundalini and Tantra yogic traditions. Tersia continues to study the many different styles and philosophies of yoga, which brings a rich and eclectic approach to her teaching style, one that is practical and applicable, while speaking to the uniqueness of each and every one of us and our practice.

tracey-bio-picTracey Noseworthy is known for her positive energy and sense of humour which adds to her philosophy that yoga is full of joy and playfulness. Tracey is continually inspired by music, and believes that the body responds to rhythms held within the environment. She became a certified yoga instructor under the inspiration of Shiva Rea, and now lives her Yoga on and off the mat.

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